Our Brands

Theeta is broadly active in the fields of import, export and production.

Lasting growth and the meritocratic promotion of products are the core of our philosophy.


Theeta is a new company, which ideally combines modernity and experience, as it was created and is managed by executives who have more than 20 years of experience and who have excelled in the management and development of successful production and distribution businesses.

Both the production to the highest standards of our own brand of electrical appliances, BECKHER, and the distribution through strong networks of existing brands, SANOSIL and MIRAVENTO, we create new growth opportunities and raise the bar for even higher quality and profitable operations. For Theeta, which operates around the globe, “the world is not enough.”

Some of our Clients

National Bank of Greece
TYPET - Staff Health Fund of National Bank of Greece
University of West Attica
Market In
The Mart
Cava Nektar

Our Brands


Under our own brand, we produce ranges of reliable small household appliances that are supplied to tens of thousands of customers through close partnerships with major retailers in Europe.

Domestic Appliances, Own brand
Beckher product


The innovative Sanosil chemical disinfectants are highly effective, non-polluting solutions that eradicate microorganisms without affecting the container they clean (active imgredients, H₂O₂ and trace amounts of Ag). Theeta is the exclusive distributor of Sanosil products to businesses in Greece and Cyprus.

Dininfectant, H2O2, Argentum, hospitals, cooling towers, wastewater
Sanosil product


Theeta introduces Cantina Vallebelbo’s Miravento wines to the European market. A delightful selection of high quality Italian sparkling wines, suitable for any occasion. The expanding range features Moscato d’Asti DOCG, Moscato Spumante Rosé and Prosecco DOC.

moscato d’asti, prosecco, italian wine, white wine
Miravento product

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