Sanosil Super 25 licensed by EOF (Greek National Organization for Medicines)

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On 25 October 2021, Sanosil Super 25 was licensed by the Greek National Organization for Medicines (ΕΟΦ / EOF) for use by professionals and the general public for:

  • surface disinfection,
  • public and private premises,
  • water in swimming pools,
  • closed liquid circulation circuits,
  • filters and pipes,
  • air conditioning systems,
  • disinfection of premises and food.

Theeta B.V. is the exclusive distributor of Sanosil products in Greece and Cyprus.

Sanosil Super 25 is a highly concentrated long-lasting (2 years) disinfectant. It is the main product in the Sanosil range with hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) and silver (Ag), as the others (S015, S010, S003) are essentially solutions of it.

Suitable for professional users who know how to dilute it according to Sanosil AG’s instructions.

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